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Frequently Asked Questions Page

How can I know if weight loss surgery is right for me?
You cannot answer this question alone. You must first consult a specialist weight loss (bariatric) surgeon. Dr Ma will take a full medical history, understanding your personal situation and examine you thoroughly before determining if and what surgery is the best option for you.

Possible candidates include:

– BMI > 40

– BMI > 35 with associated weight related issue e.g. joint pain, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, heart and kidney problems amongst others

– Certain other situations where the patient has a high BMI and other conservative measures have failed

Will losing weight with weight loss surgery help improve my overall health?

Successful weight loss surgery will improve ALL of the following:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes 2
  • High blood pressure
  • Risk of cancer e.g. breast and bowel cancer
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Impaired fertility
  • Liver and kidney dysfunction
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Self esteem and overall well being
I couldn’t stick to a diet before surgery, so what difference will the surgery make?
Dr Ma will discuss this in detail with you. The reality is that the success of your surgery does depend on your commitment to following a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss surgery ‘stacks the odds in your favour’ by making it more difficult for you to eat and drink certain things that contribute to obesity, as well as helping restrict the amount of food required to help you feel satisfied.

Ongoing support for your new lifestyle offers you the best overall chance of success. It’s the reason that Dr Ma works with a support team of experts who are available to guide you.

What type of surgery will I have?
Dr Ma is specialised in all the latest techniques in weight loss surgery, however, the type of surgery that she will recommend to you is decided carefully on a case by case basis.

Some of the procedures Dr Ma offers include:

– Sleeve Gastrectomy

– Mini Bypass

– Roux-en-Y Bypass

– Endoscopic procedures

– Laparoscopic banding

What will the surgery cost?
The cost depends on the surgery that’s right for you, and you need a personal consultation with Dr Ma to determine this. The overall cost is made up of:

  • The surgical fee for Dr Ma and her assistant
  • The anaesthetist’s fee
  • The hospital fee, including medication
  • Follow-up appointments with Dr Ma
  • Physiotherapist and dietitian

A portion of each component is covered by Medicare/your private health fund, and you will be required to fund the gap. This will be explained in detail at your consultation, and you will be offered a Financial Consent Form that contains all the information you need.

What will happen at my first consultation?
Dr Ma evaluates a range of issues, including your weight and BMI, your health and any obesity-related illnesses, your current lifestyle and your vision for the future, along with your commitment to a life-long post-operative health program. She also looks at your history of weight management, previous or existing health conditions and any surgeries you may have had.
What should I bring to my first visit?
Please bring:

– A referral letter from your GP or specialist.

– A complete list of your medications. Dr Ma will take a thorough medical history from you.

– Your medical insurance information, medicare card, pension card, DVA card as applicable.

What follow up care do you provide?
Dr Ma and her team believe in a holistic care program involving dieticians, exercise physiologists, psychologists and nurses. This team of caring and committed professionals will support you before during and after your operation to help you reach your goals and create a new  you.

Dr Suzanne Ma

MBBS (Monash) FRACS (General)
Dr Ma is an expert in weight loss surgery as part of an overall weight loss for life and health program.

Address :
Southport Central, Tower 1
Suite 1510, Level 5
56 Scarborough Street
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 1300 985 677 (1300 WT LOSS)
Fax : 1300 985 678 (1300 WT LOST)

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Phone : 1300 WT LOSS (1300 985 677)  Fax : 1300 WT LOST (1300 985 678) Email : [email protected]
Address : Southport Central, Tower 1, Suite 1510, Level 5, 56 Scarborough Street, SOUTHPORT QLD 4215  AUSTRALIA

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